Amazonite Sphere – Large

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Meet our mesmerizing Amazonite Sphere, a beautiful mineral that weighs 51.6 ounces and has a diameter of 32.5 centimeters. This crystal sphere is an absolute example of serenity and peaceful energy.

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This is why amazonite, with its peaceful shades of blue and green, is often called the Stone of Courage and Truth. When you hold this wonderful sphere, it gives out the calming and balancing influence like the gentle lull of a beautiful stream of a forest.

Amazonite Sphere: Place this Amazonite Sphere in your sacred space or meditation area to create an atmosphere of peace and authenticity. This soothing energy is thought to promote honest self-reflection and sincere communication. Look into it and surrender to the peaceful vibrations that will take you to the inner harmony and self-discovery. As you move towards a more true, unvarnished you, let Amazonite’s soothing power envelop you.