Amethyst Druzy Sphere

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The Amethyst Sphere, a 38.2 ounce gem measuring 30 centimeters in diameter, awaits to mesmerize you. The round creation represents the serene crystals of Amethyst and the beauty of druzy.

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Amethyst, also referred to as the “Stone of Tranquility”, is renowned for its calming and spiritually inspiring attributes. This is particularly the case in the deep purple hues, which, combined with the beautiful druzy formations, make the painting a fascinating and unique piece of art.

Amethyst is said to have a calming effect, which is ideal for promoting peace and calmness. Place this Amethyst Sphere in your meditation space or sacred sanctuary. It is said to increase spiritual vision, improve internal harmony and enhance meditation. Stare into its shimmering waters and let these vibrations take you into the journey of self-discovery and inner peace. Experience the mesmerising fusion of amethyst and druzy crystals as you commence a journey of calmness and spiritual progress.