Dalmatian Stone Angel – Small

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Embrace the delightful charm of our Dalmatian Stone angel, a petite beauty weighing 0.9 ounces and standing gracefully at 5 centimeters in height. With its playful black spots on a creamy background, this angelic figurine radiates joy and positivity. Carved from genuine Dalmatian Stone, it holds the grounding energies of the Earth, providing a sense of stability and emotional balance. As you hold this enchanting angel, let its nurturing properties guide you towards self-acceptance and love, reminding you to find happiness in life’s simplest pleasures.

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Dalmatian Stone is a captivating crystal known for its playful appearance, adorned with black spots on a creamy background reminiscent of the famous Dalmatian dog. Beyond its charming aesthetics, this stone is highly regarded for its metaphysical properties. As a grounding and stabilizing stone, it connects its wearer to the energies of the Earth, offering a sense of balance and inner harmony. Dalmatian Stone is believed to encourage positivity and joy, awakening the childlike wonder within and promoting a lighthearted outlook on life. Additionally, this stone is associated with emotional healing, helping to release old patterns and emotional blockages, fostering self-love, and nurturing harmonious relationships with others. Embrace the whimsical essence of Dalmatian Stone and invite its uplifting energy into your life to experience a renewed sense of vitality and emotional well-being.