Feng Shui for Your Apartment (Feng Shui Series, 2)

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Author: Richard Webster

Discover the secret to turning your apartment, condominium, or dormitory into a home that attracts good luck, prosperity, and peace. By using feng shui, you’ll be living in harmony with earth energies. You’ll feel more content, happier, and even healthier―by simply changing the position of some furniture, increasing the light in an otherwise gloomy corner, or practicing other feng shui remedies. 

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Raise the positive energy flow in your apartment with feng shui and feel your life change for the better:
―Activate the wealth, career, family, and love sectors in
    each room
―Protect yourself from energy-zapping “shars” that might be directed at your apartment or building
―Increase the flow of universal energy (chi) in your apartment and watch your prosperity skyrocket
―Counteract the negative effects of the “Death,” “Five Ghosts,” and “Disaster” locations found in
    every apartment
―Discover the single most important piece of furniture in a studio apartment―and how repositioning it
    will improve the quality of your life
―Learn to make feng shui evaluations for your friends