Garden Quartz Tumble

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Presenting our luxuriant Garden Quartz Tumble; a fascinating crystal gem which weighs about 11.3 ounces and measures about 8.5 centimeters in length. This fall is a spectacular manifestation of the beauty of nature and of minerals in harmony.

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Garden Quartz is a highly sought after gemstone, known as Lodolite, and Shamanic Dream Stone, for its enchanting inclusions that seem to be lush gardens, underwater worlds, or wisps of ethereal mists. Touching this beautiful thing, you will feel the peace and harmony of nature and will unite with the ground.

This Garden Quartz Tumble is ideal for meditation or as a pocket companion, taking the soothing energies of nature with you whenever you go. People believe that its calm presence aids in the clearness of thought, growth in spiritualness and gives them a deep sense of grounding. Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Garden Quartz, a journey of enchantment through the natural crystal kingdom with the knowledge of the earth.