Magick from the Mat – Explore the Crossroads of Witchcraft and Yoga

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Author: Casey Giovinco

Raise your vitality, find inner peace, and enhance your magick with this hands-on, groundbreaking guide. Pairing sequences with spells and rituals, Magick from the Mat takes you on a fascinating tour through history and details how contemporary practitioners can deepen their practice of witchcraft through yoga, whether you are experienced or not. 

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Professional witch and yoga teacher Casey Giovinco provides more than sixty poses and corresponding illustrations for developing personal power, balance, longevity, healing, and confidence. Discover ways to boost your intuition and connect with your Higher Self. Learn how to harness the elements and use them in your yoga sessions. Featuring dozens of exercises and sequences that improve your chakra work, meditations, astral travel, and sabbat celebrations, Magick from the Mat strengthens your mind, body, and Craft.