Psychic Powerhouse Tea Blend

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Enter the realm of heightened intuition and spiritual insight with our Psychic Powerhouse Tea Blend. This enchanting concoction combines the robust character of breakfast tea with the serene essence of green tea, infused with the mystic properties of mugwort and the warming allure of cinnamon.

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At its heart, the breakfast tea provides a sturdy foundation, grounding your energy while awakening your senses. Green tea adds a delicate balance, creating a harmonious fusion that enhances your awareness. Mugwort, celebrated for its ability to stimulate dreams and psychic abilities, deepens your connection to the unseen. Cinnamon, with its warming embrace, adds a touch of passion to your psychic journey.

Brew a cup of this Psychic Powerhouse Tea Blend and embark on a voyage of self-discovery and enlightenment. As the flavors swirl and dance, meditate on your inner oracle, opening your third eye to receive guidance and insight. With each sip, you invite the mystical forces to amplify your psychic gifts. This blend is more than just tea; it’s a sacred elixir, a doorway to the realms of the unknown. Embrace your psychic potential, one cup at a time, and let your inner power shine with every brew.