Smoky Quartz Sphere – Large

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Meet our Smoky Quartz Sphere, an enchanting wonder of a sphere with a weight of 61.6 ounces and measuring 35 centimeters diameter. The crystal sphere is a strong manifestation of grounding energy and ethereal allure.

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Smoky Quartz, with its smoky, translucent depths is known to be effective in dispersing negative energies and promoting a sense of calm and balance. As you grasp this sphere in your palm, the serene force of its energy will envelop you, reminding you of a gentle wind on a calming night.

To help you cultivate serenity and inner reflection, use this Smoky Quartz Sphere in your sacred space or meditation area. It’s timeless beauty and harmonizing energy calls you to penetrate into the moments of deep self-reflection and release. Welcome the rejuvenating power of Smoky Quartz into your life as you embrace a journey of inner cleansing and spiritual advancement, guided by the wisdom of the ancient earth.