Smoky Quartz Sphere – Large

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Meet our splendid Smoky Quartz Sphere, a wonderful sphere weighting 66.9 ounces and having diameter of 35.5 centimeters. The stunning crystal sphere is indeed very powerful and speaks volumes of the natural beauty it symbolizes.

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Smoky Quartz, a quartz crystal having smoky translucent hues is popular for its ability to dispel negative energies and create a balance in surroundings. Giving this sphere a hug and feeling the serenity it brings about, you will feel stability and tranquillity like standing under the ancient forest trees.

To create a harmonious atmosphere, place this Smoky Quartz Sphere in your meditation space or display it as a centerpiece. It is thought to possess a tranquil, but deep power that clears the mind, allowing you to find inner peace, which is ideal for moments of introspection and clarity. Embrace the transformative energy of Smoky Quartz as a medium to self discovery and purification enlightened by the wisdom of the earth.