Smoky Quartz Tower – Large

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Heighten your spiritual journey with our mystic Smoky Quartz Tower that has a whooping weight of 41.4 ounces and stands proud at 26.5 centimeters. This crystal wonder is a perfect representation of the grounding of energy and earthly charm.

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Smoky Quartz is often called the “Stone of Protection” because of its rich, smoky colors. It is believed to create a shield of peace and clearness around its owner, dispelling negative energies gently. This building, with its captivating clarity and strange inclusions, beckons you to explore yourself through introspection.

Position this Smoky Quartz Tower in your meditation room or on your desk for concentrating and maintaining balanced energy. Stare into its magical depths and it will lead you to your inner peace and relaxation. Smoky quartz opens up the pathways of transformation as you begin the journey towards inner discovery and purification.