Smoky Quartz Tower – X-Large

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Smoky Quartz Tower — the most beautiful earthy elegance and grounding energy you can ever imagine. The tower alone weighs 76.8 ounces, and is an impressive 34 centimeter tall, which is truly something to include in your crystal collection of.

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This tower, filled with the protective and purifying power of smoky quartz, emanates serenity and stability. It has a smoky and translucent appearance that opens an imaginary window into the depths of the Earth, to the wisdom of the natural world.

To create a sense of peace and balance, position this Smoky Quartz Tower in your sacred space or on your meditation altar. It is a very soft and powerful energy that is said to absorb all negativity hence is the best companion for moments of self-introspection and release. As you walk your way through life, embrace the grounding embrace of Smoky Quartz and navigate your journey with clarity and strength.