Anti-Frustration Oil Blend

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Let the vibrant scents and the supportive energies of Citrine and Amethyst guide you towards a serene and frustration-free state of being.

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Introducing our Anti-Frustration Oil Blend, a soothing fusion of spruce and citrus scents, infused with the empowering energies of Citrine and the calming vibes of Amethyst. This carefully crafted blend is designed to bring relief from frustration and stress, promoting a sense of inner calm and clarity. The refreshing and invigorating notes of spruce uplift the spirit, while the bright and zesty citrus aroma brings positivity and joy. Infused with the properties of Citrine, this blend encourages optimism and abundance, dispelling negative emotions and frustration. The addition of Amethyst provides a sense of tranquility and balance, easing emotional tension and promoting a peaceful state of mind. Embrace the power of this aromatic symphony as you embark on a journey of releasing frustration, cultivating inner harmony, and finding a renewed sense of patience and understanding.