Aphrodisiac Oil Blend

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Ignite the flames of passion with our Aphrodisiac Oil Blend, a tantalizing fusion of sweet and citrus scents, infused with the sensuous energies of Garnet and the loving vibes of Rose Quartz.

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This alluring blend is designed to awaken desire and enhance intimacy. The sweet and enchanting aroma sets the mood for romance, while the zesty citrus notes add a touch of playfulness and excitement. Infused with the passionate energies of Garnet and the tender vibrations of Rose Quartz, this blend stimulates the heart and sacral chakras, encouraging a deeper connection with oneself and one’s partner. Let the enticing scents and the supportive energies of Garnet and Rose Quartz guide you towards a journey of sensuality and love, as you embrace a new level of passion and connection in your intimate moments. Surrender to the captivating allure of our Aphrodisiac Oil Blend and experience the magic of love and desire in all its glory.