B!tch Be Gone Spray

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Our “B!tch Be Gone” Spray is a powerful elixir designed to banish negativity and invite positivity into your life. Crafted with intention, this spray serves as a tool to cleanse and refresh your space, helping you let go of negative energy and embrace a more harmonious atmosphere. Simply spritz and transform the energy around you.

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Our “B!tch Be Gone” Room Spray is a potent tool to dispel negativity and usher in positivity. Crafted with the intention to cleanse and refresh your space, it’s a versatile and empowering mist for your environment.


Energy Clearing: Spritz the mist to clear your surroundings of negative or stagnant energy, creating a more harmonious atmosphere.

Emotional Reset: After a challenging day or encounter, use it to refresh your space and reset your emotional state.

Conflict Resolution: Diffuse tension in shared spaces by misting it to promote understanding and a more peaceful environment.

Pre-Meditation or Ritual: Use it to purify your meditation or ritual space, allowing you to connect more deeply with your intentions and spiritual practices.

Positive Vibes: Infuse your space with positivity and good vibes for a more uplifting and joyful ambiance.

Protection: As a protective shield against negativity, it can be sprayed around doorways or windows to prevent unwelcome energies from entering.

Empower yourself to create a more positive and harmonious environment with our “B!tch Be Gone” Room Spray, and let each spritz be a reminder of your ability to banish negativity and invite positivity into your life.