Sacred Space Sage Spray

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Elevate your surroundings to a higher plane of energy with our Sacred Space Sage Spray, a meticulously crafted mist designed to cleanse and consecrate your environment, creating a haven of spiritual clarity and positive vibrations. This enchanting blend is a symphony of aromas and intentions, inviting sacredness and purity into your space.

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Our Sacred Space Sage Spray is a vibrant blend designed to invigorate your surroundings and elevate your energy. With the refreshing and stimulating qualities of essential oils, this mist serves a variety of purposes to rejuvenate your space.


Mood Enhancement: Spray it in your living area to create an uplifting atmosphere, promoting positivity, and boosting your mood.

Mental Clarity: Use it as a tool for mental focus and clarity in your workspace or study area, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Energy Cleansing: Clear stagnant energy from any room by misting it around to refresh and revitalize the environment.

Aromatherapy: Incorporate it into your aromatherapy practices to promote mental alertness and emotional balance.

Yoga and Meditation: Enhance your yoga or meditation sessions by spraying it in your practice space, helping you find inner balance and tranquility.

Spiritual Cleansing: Utilize it during rituals or before meditation to purify your surroundings and elevate your spiritual experience.

Energize your space and your senses with our spray with the scents of clary sage, rosemary and a hint of lemon. Whether you need a mental pick-me-up or simply wish to refresh your environment, this mist is a versatile and vibrant companion.