Green Moss Agate Bat

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Look at this incredible work of nature that is our Green Moss Agate Bat Carving. It weighs 10.6 ounces and has a wingspan of 16 centimeters. This extraordinary carving tells about Earth’s art, beauty of nature in calmness.

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This particular stone is Green Moss Agate, whose rich green hues and intricate inclusions evocative of a secret forest bring nature close to you in a tangible way. As you hold this delicate carving, you are filled with serenity and harmony, like an ancient wandering in a secluded wood.

Keep this Green Moss Agate Carving in your sacred space or meditation area to attract healing and soothing energy of nature. It is said to strengthen connection to the earth and bring emotional harmony. Welcome tranquility and nature’s connection by the soothing of Green Moss Agate.